1. What do I bring to wear?
    Bring clothing that will be comfortable for you to work in during therapy, non-skid shoes (no flip flops, house slippers), undergarments, pajamas/robe, swimming suit
    (if utilizing the HydroWorx Therapy Pool).


  2. Can my family / friends visit?
    Yes, friends and family are welcome. Advise them if you are not in your private suite, you will be participating in therapy, dining or relaxing in one of our fireside lounges.


  3. Can my family bring me food?
    Please check with the nurse or dietitian regarding the patient’s individual diet. If approved, all food will need to be in a container with a lid, labeled with last name and date and can be placed in their personal refrigerator within their private suite.


  4. Will my family doctor be my doctor at Jamestowne?
    Some primary care physicians provide in-house medical care, however, if your doctor does not, you will be cared for by our Medical Director.


  5. How long will I stay at Jamestowne?
    This will be dependent upon your diagnosis and individual plan of care. Average length of stay is typically 7-10 days.


  6. How many hours of therapy will I receive per day?
    This will be dependent upon your diagnosis and individual plan of care. Average therapy time per day is typically
    2-3 hours.


  7. Will my insurance pay for this?
    All insurance plans will be preauthorized prior to admission. You may also contact the Customer Service Representative with your plan (phone number located on the back of your insurance card) to confirm any co-pays.


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