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Jamestowne inpatient and outpatient facility is here to support recovery and healing in a post-acute care environment
with a multidisciplinary team approach. Don't just take our word for it, read more about former patients and their
experience with the teams at Jamestowne.  

Getting back to being involved in her five grandkids' lives was what Kathy Walsh was looking forward to the most after her knee replacement surgery. 
By choosing Jamestowne to help her with post-surgery recovery and therapy, Kathy immediately felt welcomed by warm and attentive staff who not only encouraged her to start walking the same evening following her procedure but met her with optimistic and kind attitudes. 

“I can’t say enough good about the nurses and aides. Their positive attitude kept me motivated every step of the way.” 
Part of Kathy’s recuperation included utilizing a Continuous Movement Passive Motion machine (CPM) that would assist in moving her knee degree by degree until she was able to reach a 120-degree bend. In conjunction with the CPM, Kathy was diligent about attending daily therapy with therapists Amy and Jared who coached her through exercises to strengthen the muscles in her leg and around her knee. 
Now, having been home since early April, Kathy is feeling great, and back to attending dance recitals, graduations, and spending her time with her grandkids. She is also planning to reintroduce workouts at Elements Wellness Center to her routine.
“Now, I am going back to Elements to use the recumbent bike and soon adding in the treadmill.”
Today, Kathy is able to walk without any pain and has the team at Jamestowne to thank for their dedication to getting her back on her feet and back to her family.

Kathy, Knee Replacement, 2022

Dog mom and former ICU nurse of 46 years Mary, or as friends call her, Mary Clare, has been working hard to strengthen her muscles and partake in therapy following a hip revision surgery in May. 
“My therapists have worked with me on stretch band therapy, touch weight bearing, and maneuverability from sitting to standing, and transferring from seated positions to my bed or to standing,” she said. 
Mary Clare has had other hip surgeries in the past and gone through similar post-surgery experiences, but Jamestowne’s beauty, design, and cleanliness have exceeded her expectations.   
“When you walk into the front entrance it’s open, it’s new and inviting and makes you want to progress.”
As she continues to work with her personalized team of aides, nurses, and therapists, Mary Clare is anxious to get back home to her 12-year-old King Charles Cavalier rescue dog, Reilly, whom she adores. They share a very close relationship that includes daily walks and routine laps as he follows her around the house. 
Mary Clare works diligently every day during her time at Jamestowne, and has every intention of getting back home and taking everything she is learning into daily practice.

Mary Clare, Hip Revision, 2022


At 91 years young, Georgia enjoys gardening at her rural home in Ross. After a recent tumble over a wagon of lilies resulting in a broken hip, Georgia came to stay at Jamestowne. 
The multidisciplinary Jamestowne team of medical professionals rallied around Georgia to help her gain strength and mobility through daily therapy. 
“My care conference helped me set goals for getting back to being independent at home once I healed,” she said.
She started walking hallways with a walker and has now moved on to using just her cane.
With her focus on meeting her goals, Georgia is looking forward to getting home to her family and her garden as she continues to enjoy her independence.
Preparing individuals to go home, and to feel comfortable and confident after an injury is just one of the many ways the staff at Jamestowne works with patients to get them back to life quickly. With the encouragement from her team, Georgia is learning methods to maintain her balance and build strength. 
“I would recommend Jamestowne to all of my friends and I hope that they would like it as much as I did,” she said. “My therapists are very supportive and give me great guidance on how not to fall again.”


Georgia, Broken Hip, 2022

Oliver Spotlight.png

Oliver came to Jamestowne to receive therapy to improve strength, coordination, endurance and balance following a  hospitalization due to a fall at home.   

“It’s been a great experience,” says Oliver. “They have the finest staff I’ve ever seen.  I always felt like I had a say in my care and the therapists really listen to me and go at my speed.”

The kindness and attention to Oliver’s care are just one of many great aspects of choosing Jamestowne to work with a top-rated team that will help build your strength so that you can confidently return home after illness or surgery.

Oliver, Physical & Occupational Therapy, 2022


Nichole Baker, a recent patient at Jamestowne has a knack for knitting, stitchery, sewing, and anything crafty. She came to Jamestowne with a broken ankle as the main concern but also had support from our therapy team for her overall health including lingering back issues from an unsuccessful surgery twelve years ago. 
The team was able to assess her needs for a well-rounded approach including ankle and back rehabilitation which has led to Nichole being able to enjoy crafting again without pain. 
“My therapists have planned out how to help strengthen more than just the ankle, but also my back,” she said. 
Before Nichole came to Jamestowne following her ankle break in April, her constant back pain left her unable to get in and out of chairs without help, and caused her to be unbalanced, which led to the ankle injury. 
“For twelve years that woman lived in pain 24/7, for a week now she has had no pain,” said her husband Ernie, who gleamed with praise for his wife’s care team. 
He said they have all come together to assess all of her challenges, not just the obvious ankle injury, but the pain caused by her back. Nichole’s therapy has included building overall strength, walking, and working to straighten and continue to heal her broken ankle. Her therapist Becky has made her rehabilitation enjoyable and approachable which helps with continued progress and a pain-free back. 
“They are funny, and before you know it, you are having fun and almost finished with therapy,” Nichole said. 
Nichole’s bright smile and positive attitude puts a smile on the face of every single person who walks into her room. She has truly embraced her care plan and looks forward to getting home and visiting with her three children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Nichole, Broken Ankle & Back Pain, 2022

"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback from others."

Timberly Williams

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