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A Broken Hip Brought Two Families Together After Fifty Years

After her hip replacement surgery, Patty worked through post-op therapies and recuperated at Jamestowne Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy. As Patty sat down for lunch, Sharonda, a culinary department team member, came to her table to ask if she needed anything. After seeing the name printed on her name tag, Patty asked a question.

“I know a Sharonda. Are you the Sharonda I know?” asked Patty.


Patty then began to connect the dots when Sharonda shared her siblings’ names and that they were born in Hamilton. Patty then realized that Sharonda and her siblings were the three children she and her late husband had taken in on Christmas Eve in 1972.

Carl, Patty’s husband, frequently listened to his police scanner, and on Christmas Eve of 1972, he heard that three young children were found alone in their home. Carl relayed this story to Patty, and she prompted Carl to call the station and inform them they would care for the children. Finding a foster family available in such a short time during the holiday season was challenging.

Sharonda (4), Wayne (3), and Marquita (1) spent the holiday and next week with Carl and Patty. Their family welcomed the kids with gifts, delicious meals, and holiday cheer. These abandoned siblings, who had no hopes of Christmas, enjoyed traveling to three different gatherings that year with Patty, Carl, and their three children. Carl and Patty’s family doubled for one week, and so did their hearts.

The children were placed into care after the holiday and later on adopted.  

“I didn’t know anything about what had happened until I met Patty.” shared Sharonda.

During Patty’s stay at Jamestowne, she spent time talking and reminiscing with Sharonda, Face Timing with her siblings, and planning a reunion in the summer with them, who currently resides in Florida. They all look forward to connecting and creating new memories together. 

“I am tickled pink to go forward building a relationship with Patty.” Sharonda expressed.

Because of a broken hip, chance would have it that Sharonda would be the one caring for Patty this time. Connecting through care is the heart of why Patty and Sharonda found each other in 1972 and 2022. Two unfortunate situations brought two families together to create new bonds and relationships in the spirit of helping others. 

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