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Therapy & Specialty

Rehabilitation Programs

We are proud of every inch of our 5000 sq. ft. therapy gym stocked with modern and technology-driven equipment.  Our physical, speech and occupational therapy is provided on an inpatient and outpatient basis every day of the week.  Whether you are recovering from a knee or hip surgery, or a hospital stay due to an illness, we have the exceptional team and top-notch equipment to speed your recovery and help you maintain your wellbeing.


Speech, Physical & Occupational Therapy available every day of the week.


From transitioning clients through skilled rehab care, to
in-home physical therapy, to maintaining their independence through our independence supports and wellness centers – we have the unique ability to manage successful outcomes and ensure each person has the support they need to live their best life.

Extend your recovery through our other Post Acute Services:

We Offer Specialized Therapy Programs That Drive Recovery

Hand Therapy & Upper Extremity Treatment

Our occupational therapist has over 25 years of experience and extensive training in the treatment and evaluation of adults and children with a variety of hand and upper extremity injuries and impairments. This therapy focuses on regaining and retraining hand and arm function needed to return the patient to their optimal level of function. Read more...

Hydroworx® Warm Water Therapy

Used to help guests build strength, flexibility, and endurance, this pool has an underwater treadmill, camera technology to deliver instant data, and hydro massage jets with more than 200 speeds for deep tissue massage, resistance exercise, and swimming in place. Its adjustable floor transitions guests into low-impact or no-impact therapy following surgeries or injuries. We are one of two locations in Butler County that are equipped with a Hydroworx® Therapy Pool.

Myofascial Release

With safe and effective hands-on techniques for Myofascial Pain Syndrome – a chronic pain disorder – therapists apply gentle sustained pressure to eliminate pain and restore motion. The individual approach provides relief for those who have physical or emotional causes of pain due to trauma, inflammatory response and surgical procedures.

Lymphedema Therapy

Treatment for lymphedema – a chronic and severe swelling caused by a disruption of the lymphatic system – is so specialized, it is rare. Our certified specialized lymphedema therapist uses a 5-point protocol of massage, exercise, compression garments, skin care and education to help patients who have had lymph node disruption or trauma.

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)

The ideal exam for patients who present with difficulty swallowing. This state-of-
the art diagnostic assessment can definitively determine the severity of dysphagia and allows the Speech Language Pathologist to create the most appropriate treatment plan.

Vitalstim® Therapy System

Used to treat dysphagia -- difficulty swallowing -- this revolutionary technology uses electrical stimulation to enhance traditional swallowing therapy, and accelerate the healing process for those who have had a stroke, brain trauma, or neck cancer.

Occupational Therapy Suite

Provides the confidence to safely return home by practicing daily living activities in a fully functional kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Outdoor Therapy Garden

Designed to practice maneuvering various surfaces, hills, and steps in peaceful and natural surroundings.

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